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August 2020

With this project, I conducted an internal process analysis to assess current workflow and determined requirements. This helped deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to CEO and employees. As well as add new revenue streams to their business. Currently helping with sales, marketing, and business development ongoing. You can see my work in our digital marketing.


Majesty Consultants is proud to share the success story of our collaboration with The Model Experience (TME), where we were entrusted with both marketing and business development responsibilities.

Strategic Internal Overhaul
- Conducted a comprehensive internal process analysis, optimizing workflows to enhance operational efficiency.
- Delivered insightful, data-driven recommendations and reports to the CEO and employees, aligning strategies with organizational goals.


Strategic Partnerships and Marketing
- Constructed compelling proposals leading to strategic partnerships, notably with TikTok, broadening TME's reach and engagement.
- Managed deliverables seamlessly across all marketing channels, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence.

Diversification and Revenue Growth
- Pioneered the development of two new income streams

- TME Marketplace and TME Ongoing Services

- Fostering diversification and long-term sustainability.

Effective Communication Channels
- Developed a streamlined communication flow within the team, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Sales Plan and Growth
- Formulated a targeted sales plan, resulting in an impressive 2.5x growth in sales, positioning TME for scalable success.

Unified External Communication
- Collaborated closely with the CEO to construct all external marketing communication and visuals, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand narrative.

This partnership with TME stands as a testament to our commitment to holistic business development, creative marketing, and transformative results. At Majesty Consultants, we not only meet expectations but exceed them, cultivating success at every turn. Let us be your catalyst for growth and innovation.

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