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Business Development and Operations Management

Business Development and Operations Management

Business in a rut?


Majesty Consulting can get you back on track. We set goals and develop plans for business and revenue growth.

First, we analyze internal processes and monitor company communication.

Second, we spend time researching target market behaviors while monitoring our competitors.


Third, look at the current marketing efforts and results. 


Last, start planning new content and budget around new and improved initiatives.

  • Campaign Terms

    This would be a 90 day contract, locking you in at $1,500 monthly. It'll take time to reaserch and study how your company is currently working.

    This will take 30 days in itself.

    Month 2 

    We will focus on Creating the new strategy 

    Month 3 we will implement the new strategy


    Secondary payment option , $750 due at the beginning of each month, and every 15th. 

    This agreement can be terminated at any point by either party, no refunds will be provided based on satifactory of work. 

Price Options
Business Development
$3,500.00every month for 3 months
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