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March 2021

This project is a great example of how I bring my client's vision to life. From the ground up we built a successful supplement brand that has developed in to a lifestyle brand as well.

1. Web Design and Development  2. Logo Design  3. Graphic Design  4. Social Media Management  5. Search Engine Optimization


Majesty Consultants is thrilled to share our success story with the transformation of 92+ Health. Through a comprehensive rebranding initiative and the development of a robust sales strategy, we propelled this health-focused venture to new heights.

Rebranding Excellence
- Conducted a thorough brand audit to understand 92+ Health's existing image, values, and market standing.

- Crafted a tailored rebranding strategy, aligning the brand with its target audience and contemporary health industry trends.

- Implemented a visual identity overhaul, including logo redesign and a cohesive design language for a refreshed and contemporary look.

- Developed consistent messaging that conveyed the brand's commitment to holistic health and wellness.


Sales Strategy Evolution
- Analyzed the competitive landscape and market trends to identify growth opportunities.

- Defined a customer-centric sales strategy that emphasized personalized engagement and relationship-building.

- Implemented data-driven insights to identify target audiences, refine product offerings, and optimize pricing strategies.

- Introduced cross-channel marketing campaigns to create brand awareness and drive lead generation.


Measurable Success
- Achieved a unified and compelling brand image, strengthening 92+ Health's position in the health and wellness sector.

- Increased customer engagement through targeted social media campaigns and content that resonated with the brand's ethos.

- Implemented a customer-centric sales approach that not only increased conversion rates but also enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

- Elevated revenue streams through strategic product positioning and a streamlined sales process.

Majesty Consultants is passionate about transforming brands and driving measurable results. We are excited about the positive impact our rebranding and sales strategy have had on 92+ Health. If you're ready to redefine your brand and boost your sales strategy, let's embark on this transformative journey together. Your success is our priority.

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